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Frelinghuysen Township
Farmland Preservation


Frelinghuysen Township’s Farmland Preservation Committee was formed in 2000 with the approval of a ballot question for an additional $.01 tax for open space.  The board began with seven members, many of whom still serve on the committee today.  The township clerk functions as an Alternate member.

The state Farmland Preservation Program is administered by the State Agriculture Development Committee (SADC), which coordinates with County Agriculture Development Boards, municipal governments, nonprofit organizations and landowners in the development of plans that best meet the needs of individual landowners.

The public is welcome to attend the monthly meetings of the Preservation Committee, which are held at Town Hall on the first Wednesday of each month, beginning at 8:00 p.m.

How is farmland preserved in Frelinghuysen Township?

Frelinghuysen Township has partnered with the county of Warren and the state of New Jersey to develop the Planning Incentive Grant (PIG) which allows the three entities to share the funding of the preservation of farmland.  The state contributes 65% of the funds necessary for preservation, while the remaining 35% is shared by the county and the township.  In addition to easing the financial burden on the township, PIG gives Frelinghuysen the opportunity to preserve certain properties that are often too small to fit the criteria for county or state preservation.

Those property owners who may be interested in learning more about the PIG program are encouraged to contact Frelinghuysen town hall.



The mission of the Frelinghuysen Township Farmland Preservation Committee is to preserve farmland throughout the township with the goal of supporting New Jersey’s agricultural industry while providing local farmers with the resources to achieve their financial and personal goals.

2017 Committee Members

David Boynton ll, Chair
Richard Dericks, Vice Chair
Pamela Brady, Secretary
Martin Connor
Charles Shaffer
Richard Rogers
Chris Kuhn

2017 Meeting Dates

Agenda for September 6, 2017.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for the Open Space Committee and Farmland Preservation Committee are listed jointly, as they sometimes meet together. Read minutes here>>

Additional Information

The state of New Jersey offers additional land preservation programs:


 Sale of Development Easements


 Donation of Development Easements


 Sale of Entire Property


 Eight Year Preservation

For more information about these farmland preservation options at the state or county level, or to discuss other issues, contact the County Agriculture Development Board ( or the State Agriculture Development Committee at 609-984-2504.

2008 Farmland Preservation Plan (PDF Format 6.0MB)

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