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Frelinghuysen Township
Office of Emergency Management

Please note: This website it is not monitored on a 24/7 basis and if you are experiencing a true emergency you should dial 911.

The Frelinghuysen Office of Emergency Management is in the process of updating our Emergency Operational Plans (EOPs), as mandated by New Jersey Statute. EOPs are written pre-plans, covering all possible contingencies in the case of any natural or man-made situation effecting the citizens or property in Frelinghuysen Township. Our EOPs will be updated by the end of April. Once complete, I will be happy to discuss any or all of the operational sections with any interested resident of Frelinghuysen Township.

In the aftermath of Super storm Sandy, Hurricane Irene and the late October Snowstorm, It is my understanding that several citizens of Frelinghuysen Township have concerns about outward communications from this office. In the event of any large scale emergency affecting our citizens, communication may take the following form based on the type and nature of the event:

Rapid Notify (Reverse 911 Notification): The Rapid Notify System is managed by the Warren County of Emergency Management. It is completely confidential and contains all listed and unlisted numbers from the emergency services database (911). You may also log on to the self registration website at to update your profile to add cell phone numbers for SMS notification. Currently all citizens of Frelinghuysen will be contacted in the case of an emergency effecting any part of the township. This office is working with the County to segment areas within Frelinghuysen that are likely to have specific emergencies, like flooding. The goal is to contact only those who may be affected by specific emergencies. One caveat: Reverse Notify will not work if phone service is not available.

Door to Door Notification: Area fire departments and emergency squads will be utilized if rapid evacuation is necessary, especially if phone service and/or electric power may not be available. This office is also forming citizen volunteer groups to assist in any rapid evacuation process.

Frelinghuysen Emergency Operational Center (EOC): The Emergency Operational Center (EOC) will be activated during all widespread events effecting our citizens or sections of the township. The EOC will be set up at Town Hall. Once activated the EOC will be continually staffed and someone will be available to address any or all questions.

Frelinghuysen Website: In the event of any long term power outages, road closures, localized flooding or other non-life threatening situations the Township website will be the primary communications vehicle. Additionally, I may be emailed directly at with any question or concern. Please note that this office does not control the response of JCPL or other public utilities Ė however we may be able to escalate any inappropriate response to the proper authorities. As with Reverse Notify, the Township Website will not be available during outages effecting power and/or internet connections.

The goal of the Frelinghuysen OEM Office is to keep the residents of Frelinghuysen Township safe in the case of any large scale emergency. Please donít hesitate to contact this office with any questions or concerns.

Nick Pachnos
Emergency Management Coordinator
908-256-6355 (cell)

Ken Lang
Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator
201-317-5576 (cell)

Ralf Irizarry
Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator
908-894-2976 (cell)


January 23, 2013 - Storm Update: a Blizzard Warning is now posted to our area meaning we can expect winds in excess of 35 MPH. So far there are no reported power outages in Frelinghuysen or Green Townships. If any assistance is needed please call my cell at 908-256-6355.

In the unlikely event of widespread power outages the Frelinghuysen-Green Office of Emergency Management will open a warming station at the Green Township Fire Department located at 243 Kennedy Road (Route 611) in Green Township. The Swift911 System will be used for all Emergency Communications.

January 20, 2016 - By now I am sure all are aware of the potential snow storm coming this Saturday. At this time it looks as if most of the snow will fall to our east and south. The current forecast calls for this area to get between 6-8 inches of snow. Please try to keep the roads clear to allow the road department to plow as quickly as possible. Unless the forecast and/or conditions get much worse there will be no need for any Emergency Management intervention. As always, please check on those neighbors who may need assistance.

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Frelinghuysen-Green OEM

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