DOG LICENSES ARE DUE IN THE CLERK'S OFFICE BY JANUARY 31ST.   They can be left in the tax office mail box or the mailbox on the other side of the front door.   Please label the envelope dog license.   All dog licenses will be mailed back.  Any questions call Donna at 908-852-4121.

Christmas trees can be dropped off behind the townhall for recycling until January 29th.  

Do you know where to get a COVID-19 test? Warren County residents can find options at this link: . “Currently there are several options and ways for residents to get tested for COVID-19 within Warren County,” Freeholder James R. Kern III said. “With case counts increasing, the County will again be providing a testing site for residents, and we plan to be fully operational on or about December 1st.  Rest assured that our County government is in constant contact with the both the Trump and Murphy administrations as well as our local elected officials.  The next several weeks are going to be incredible difficult for us all and we need to be vigilant,” Kern added.

Warren County Health Officer Pete Summers added, “As we approach the holiday season, we should all redouble our efforts to maintain social distancing and wear a mask. I would particularly urge families to limit the size of their holiday gatherings and encourage older at risk family members to attend virtually.”

Since September 2, Warren County's number of diagnosed COVID-19 cases went up by 50%, according to a new report from #WarrenCountyHealthDepartment. Over 11 weeks, you can see how cases increased in each of the county's 22 municipalities. And new cases went from an average of 1.9 per day in early September to a daily average of 31.5 new cases this past week. This is difficult; we are all experiencing pandemic fatigue. But it's a critical time right now to limit exposure by avoiding travel and gatherings. And we have to keep doing the mundane things to keep ourselves and others safe, like staying 6 feet apart, wearing masks that cover your nose and mouth when around people outside of your household, washing your hands often and staying home when you’re sick. (chart is available for viewing under Covid 19 Documents)

If you experience an outage due to the weather, please report it using one of the following methods:  
• Text OUT to 544487...
• Online at
• Use our smartphone app (iPhone and Android)
• Via the "Report an Outage" tab here on Facebook ( from a mobile device)
• Call 888-LIGHTSS (888-544-4877)  

Steer clear of downed power lines. Always assume they are live and dangerous. Report downed lines immediately to 888-544-4877.  

All municipal buildings in Frelinghuysen Township are closed to the public.  Call 908-852-4121 or email  The clerk is available 7:30 am -3:30 pm Monday through Friday.   The Mayor can be contacted by phoning the townhall at 908-852-4121 and he will return all calls.   Alternatively, you may email the clerk at and she will forward to the Mayor.

The Mayor and the OEM are fully engaged with other levels of the Government in connection with the COVID-19 crisis.   the Mayor has designated the Frelinghuysen OEM Facebook Page as the repository of all necessary updates and information as both the OEM and Mayor are given the same information.   Specific directives from the Mayor are on the Township's webpage.  The link to the OEM facebook page is at the bottom of the webpage.