Environmental Commission

Commission Members

Chair-Christopher Kuhn
Vice-Chair- Wendy Goetz
Frank Desiderio
Marty Connor
Jim Simonetti 
Michael Tudor (Alt)
Stacy Galante, Secretary

2020 Meeting Dates
January Environmental Meeting Minutes 2020
March Environmental Meeting Minutes 2020

To improve and protect the environmental quality of our township by partnering with neighbors, community leaders and area businesses to work together to preserve our precious resources and to create a clean, safe place to live and work for future generations. To encourage residents to safeguard the environment and to do their part in whatever ways they can to make Frelinghuysen a greener community.

Environmental Resource Inventory Update

Ensuring the high quality of life for the residents of Frelinghuysen Township is a driving force behind this Environmental Resource Inventory Update. Documentation of the natural resource base: the geology, hydrology, ecology, and wildlife will convey the scope and condition of the resources upon which the Township relies. This document, in combination with the 2012 Open Space and Recreation Plan Update and the 2008 Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan, is a guide for the Township's future growth and preservation.

FFP South Forestry and Use Plan

Adopted by the Township Committee on March 18, 2015. Prepared by the Land Conservancy through a generous grant from ANJEC. Full report here. (PDF 11MB)

Environmental Resource Inventory -  (PDF 39MB) Updated June 2012

Resolution # 2016-101  which establishes a Green Team Advisory Committee.

Agenda for September 23, 2019 meeting


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A view of Mud Pond in the Johnsonburg Swamp Preserve.

Over 40 rare plant species have been recorded here which only occur in extraordinary, specialized habitats.