Municipal Clerk

Donna Zilberfarb, has resided in Frelinghuysen for 21 years. A mother of three, she grew up in the area and began working for Frelinghuysen Township in 2007 as a secretary for the Open Space Committee.   Since then she has held a variety of positions, including secretary for the Farmland Preservation Committee and the Environmental Committee, as well as serving as Technical Assistant to the Construction Official.  She received her certification as a Township Recycling Coordinator in 2012.   She has also served as the Forestry Management Coordinator, Deputy Clerk, and Road Supervisor.  She received her Certified Municipal Registrar license in September 2015 and most recently received her Registered Municipal Clerk license in October 2017.  

Contact info:

Township Clerk: Donna Zilberfarb

Phone: 908-852-4121
Fax: 908-852-7621

Code of the Township of Frelinghuysen, NJ
The ordinances of the Township of Frelinghuysen adopted by the Township Committee.

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Please be advised that as per Ordinance 13-2.2 no person shall deposit, throw or place any snow or ice upon any street, avenue or roadway within the Township of Frelinghuysen. Any person violating this section shall be subject to a penalty not to exceed $1,000.00.

Dogs are not allowed on the recreation fields, however, they are allowed on the Frelinghuysen Forest Preserve property located on Route 94.

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A resource guide for new or current residents to the Township of Frelinghuysen can be found here.