Recycling and Trash Disposal

Trash and Recycling FAQ' from Sanico:

When will your trash be picked up?

Garbage collections are made once per week beginning at 5AM. Pick-up time may vary week to week. Place your trash within 5 feet of the road the evening before your collection day. During periods of inclement weather, collection may be delayed. If you are unable to get to work, most likely our collection crews can't either.

Why wasn't my recycling picked up?

Recycling day is scheduled for the same day as your garbage pickup. Sanico sends two trucks on those days: a garbage truck with crew and a recycling truck with crew. In most cases when your recycling has not been picked up, the recycling crew was unable to distinguish your recycling can from your garbage can. Sanico has given you a recycling decal specifically for your recycling can in order to set it apart from your garbage cans. If you do not have a decal, please call the office. Place the decal on your recycling can and position your recycling can with the decal facing the roadway so that the recycling crew can see it.
Keep your recycling can, bundled newspaper and buckets of junk mail separate from your garbage so they can be seen. The best situation is to place recycling and garbage on opposite sides of the driveway. Also, do not put garbage in the recycling can marked with the decal. By law, the recycling crew can not accept garbage and the garbage crew will not dump a can marked for recycling.

Special Notice: Recycling Information

Effective March 1 ,2012 the recycling center located at the Township Garage will be closed. Future use will be located at these locations: Warren County Recycling Center ( in Oxford, NJ or Balbi ( in Blairstown, NJ.

Recycling and Trash Collection

Balbi Enterprises
77 Route 46
Delaware, NJ 07833

Telephone: 1-866-678-5196

Sanico, Inc.
77 Route 46
PO Box 176
Delaware, NJ 07833
Telephone: 908-475-3300

Household Hazardous Waste Clean up and Computer/Electronics Part Collection

Warren County Pollution Control Financing Authority
500 Mt. Pisgah Avenue
PO. Box 587
Oxford, NJ 07863-0587

Telephone: 908-453-2174
Fax: 908-453-4241